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Register and accounts – All about Aliexpress. Account and Login problems solution. Information about Aliexpress VIP club. Tutorial how to secure your account privacy. Safe buying Tips & Tricks.

Searching – Information and tips, how to find products, find reliable sellers, find previous sellers or products.

Ordering – All about order status, Coupons, placing order. How to contact and chat with sellers. Shopping Cart properties.

Payments – All information about payments. Payments solutions. Payments Fail`s. Payments methods.

Shipping – How to fill shipping address. Shipping taxes information. Any questions about shipping.

Disputes & Claims – How to open disputes information. How to refund money. How to refund a part of your money. How to shipping back to seller broken item. Escalate Dispute. How much time i will wait for get back my money.

Refund – Information about money refunds. Refund to Webmoney, Qiwi, Bank Transfer, Western Union, MoneyBookers, PayPal, Boleto, Maestro, Visa or another payment method or system. How will i receive refund questions.

Rating & Other questions – How to leave feedback for seller. Aliexpress mobile app and support. How to make suggestion and comments.

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Frequently asked questions

Question: What to do, if my card declined while payment?

Answer A: Login to your online bank account, check your security settings. Often times for new bank cards, default security settings is set as disabled online payments. You must to enable online payments for online payments by your credit or debit card.

Answer B: Maybe your card balance is not enough.

Answer C: Your card is not accepted for online payments. Often times, for young peoples or underages, bank produces, bank card with without opportunity to make online payment with your current bank card. These bank cards accepted only for ATM cashouts or payments for stores(non-online). Non-online payments cards marked as “Electronic use only”. Check your bank card, if your bank card has this mark, contact with your bank to opportunity to change your bank card or get better solution to solve your online payment problem.

Here is Electronic use only bank card, with this bank card you can make cashout from ATM, this card accept in local stores, but you can`t made online payment.