Did not received order

What to do, if my order is still not received? I have big Aliexpress order history and this problem was solved more than one, maybe ten or more times. Often times i help to buyers solve this problem. Is not a hard problem, but you must to know some tips, how to not a lose your money, while your order in shipping status. Read more and be safe by shopping on Aliexpress today and tomorrow.

The most important things, what to do if order still not received

Check your order shipping timer and do not to forget check order timer. If you lost a order time, you lost your money. What to do if my order still not received and my order time will soon end?
Go to your orders list, click on “View Detail” on your order.

This option available in your account order list
In this picture is your order time information.

I marked in picture row with number 2. So you have opportunity to extend your order time, for avoid lost you order money. Click on “Click here”.

Here is aliexpress order extender of order time.

So you should to see new window in your browser or mobile app. Input some days by your think. 7, 10, 14, 21, 30 for example, you can extend order time by days and days is not matter. Input days and click once on “Confirm”. Now you should to get approve from seller.

What to do if seller no response for extend timer or not approve your order time extend?

In this question is one answer, just “Open Dispute”. Open dispute, choose appropriate options, choose full refund or input full payed amount, input some words in description, like a “Seller not response by my actions” or similar. If seller no response to your dispute by some days, you win dispute and you will get money refund in 3-10 days(By own experience), after Aliexpress system approve your dispute for your side.
Good luck. I have more than two similar problems, i get money refund and later get own orders, like for free.

What to do if i lost order time?

If you lost order time, you have 10 days for open dispute, but if you lost order timer and dispute timer, you lost opportunity to get money refund. But you can try contact to seller, talk about your situation, if seller soul is good, seller will try to solve your problem or resend your order again. If seller not a friendly, you can`t do anything, only leave feedback with one star and bad comment.

My advice for these situations

Don`t panic. Stay calm, because Chinese shipping companies services is very cheap and busy. Especially with celebrations like New years, Christmas, or very busy by 11.11, by biggest Aliexpress shopping festival. If you purchase in this period, sometimes you will wait 50-70 days for cheap orders receiving with cheap shipping services for you know as “free shipping” method. Just don`t forget to check order timer or/and use opportunity to “extend order time”.

Please first do not assault for seller if you think about seller scammer. Often times new buyers tend to think about scam, if order not received with little more time. Relax, stay calm, sellers work is cheap and very stressful by big quantities of orders.

Always you should to understand seller work and first you should contact with seller, if you have questions or you take care of your order.

Please do not to choose cheapest price, choose better seller rank is better think.

If you have more questions or you want to get help in 24 hours on Facebook, you can join to this group. Available English/Lithuanian support languages. Have nice day :)