Android car player

Here is sample before install and after installed Car Android Player from Aliexpress. This car model is Opel Astra J.

Let`s talk about car android players. Everyone people wish about new car and rich interior equipment, like a good sound system, lot of functions like GPS navigation, big touch color screen installed in the car dashboard, Games, APPS, Internet, TV, AUX, MP3 media read function, Video playback function, back parking camera, front DVR camera recorder with ADAS safety function(recognize road lines, another driving cars and distance between your car and in front of cars and another objects. ADAS safety system recognize it, and warns about it). But not everyone can buy new car with latest expensive features and equipment. Maybe exist solution for new car with poor equipment or old car? Yes, really yes! That is Android players from Aliexpress. I say more equipment for friendly price. Aliexpress always do better price in any solution for everyone. I`m happy with it.

How to choose better Android Player by your budget

Just read my recommendation about parameters which you regard before purchase your new android multimedia player.

Operating system – Cheapest car players no has operating system with apps market, but medium or higher price tag players has Android operating system with new or newest Android version and most often with apps market available.(I recommended always read description careful).

Car Android player information in settings menu.

Screen – Is one of most important factor about car player. You can choose most expensive car player with high resolution LCD screen or average price tag with medium screen pixel resolution. Keep in mind, you see in player from longer distance with compare cell phone. Your car player not required better resolution pixel like cell phone, because from longer distance you no see pixels on screen. Most important is IPS screen type. Who is IPS screen? IPS is normal LCD screen, but this screen have better wide angle. IPS allows to see in screen from wide angle. To show in screen without IPS, from wide angle, screen makes color distort. Screen with IPS can`t distort colors most often to blue. IPS screen make brighter screen than average LCD screen.

Compare in wide angle TFT LCD and TFT IPS screen.

RAM – Ram is player memory. If you choose 1Gb or lower size ram players, you can get some stuck, your player can loading slowly, some apps can get error while you try to open app. If you wish about play music, radio, videos, you can choose cheap player with low size ram, but if you want use GPS navigation or more apps together and smoothly, i recommended to choose 2Gb RAM player or greater.

CPU & GPU – CPU is device processor and GPU is device graphic card. Most often android multimedia players has CPU and GPU by RAM size. If you choose greater RAM size player, you probably get better CPU and GPU.

ROM – is your device disk space. Important: For example. If your player description claims about 16Gb rom media player, you must to keep in mind about operating system files and additional player apps. Just if you choose 16Gb device, you can get free space about 8-12Gb, depends by operating system version and additional apps. But don`t worry all car media players has one, two, three or more microSD or/and USB flash connections. So you can use internal space, if you want extend your space, buy USB flash or microSD card for extend space.

New 16Gb Android cell phone free disk space

Connections – Like a WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth. Most often android players has Bluetooth, WIFI connection for GPS navigation maps updates, download apps, music or streaming online radio, YouTube or another online source. But your car can get internet only in WIFI signal places. For android with WIFI connection player, can create hotspot on your cell phone and share internet for your car device anywhere. Or you can buy a bit expensive player with installed 4G sim card module. If you choose 4G car android player, you can use another new SIM card for internet anywhere. Most often car android players supports 4G sim cards dongles by USB connection.

Example of most popular 4G sim dongle from Aliexpress. Scheme, how to work.

Examples of successfully installed car android multimedia(Before and After)

BMW 3 series E90 android player
Mercedes-Benz C class, W212 android player
Opel Insignia Tesla style android player

How to install your Android player to your car?

Lot of tutorials available on Google and YouTube. For instructions ask seller. Most often android car multimedia players from Aliexpress included with instructions, how to install.

How to find Android multimedia player for your car on Aliexpress?

Here is a link of category for car multimedia – Car multimedia players category.