Shipping address

How to fill correctly your shipping address in Aliexpress and avoid shipping problems with your orders?

How to add, edit or remove your shipping address from list?

Go to Aliexpress shipping address menu directly. Or Sign in on Aliexpress, then go to “Account”, then “My Shipping Addresses”. If you use mobile app, open app, click “Account icon” in bottom right on screen, then find “Settings”, choose “Shipping Address”. Now you can add right your shipping address, edit, remove or make one of default your home address.

How to add shipping address correctly?

So, you see picture above with numbered rows to fill. Let`s get started fill your shipping address for 100% successfully order receive guarantee.
Before filling your shipping address form, i want to warn you about letters. Don`t use another letters, than English letters. If you live in another country like a Germany, Norway, Lithuanian or another. You must change your specific country letters to English. For Example ų, ū, ü, replace with just “u”. ä, ą, replace with just “a”. If your name for example is “Šarūnas Šarlatavičius”, you must write “Sarunas Sarlatavicius”. Just no use your country alphabet letters(optional by country). Sometimes your country alphabet can make some problems for seller and shipping company. English letters is best and fast way to get your orders.
1. Your full name. First name and last name, maybe your name compose from three or four words. Just fill your full name. For example “Sarunas Sarlatavicius”.
2. Your country, just choose from list your country.
3. Street address, is your street address, included house number, if you live in flat with house number and flat number.
Shipping address consists [Your street name][space][House number][minus(-)][Flat number if you live in flat].
Example for house resident – “Spring 7”.
Example for flat resident – “Spring 7-10”.
4. If you can fill full street address in 3 row, you must skip 4 row. Or you can fill in 3 row only street name and in 4 row fill house number or flat house number and flat number. I highly recommend for fill full street address into 3 row and skip 4 row.
5. You province/state or region. If you choose 2 row(Your country), you can choose your region. For example, if you live in Tenerife, your country is Spain, your region is Tenerife. Some countries no have regions and no have options by region, it is normal.
6. City/Department. Just type your city name. For example “London”, “New York”, “Moscow”. If you live in Russia, Moscow and you fill your city Москва in English letters “Moskva” is not bad. If you live in Germany, “Osnabrück” and you fill this row “Osnabruck” is not bad.
7. Your post/zip code. Do you know your post code? Go to your local post website and find your post code by your address information. Or you can`t find post code in your local post website. You can go to post office, you can write mail to ask your post code or you can call to local post office to know your post/zip code. When you get your post code, you will write note for next time or save in your Aliexpress account with address form.
You can check box “My address does not a have ZIP code”, but if your house have post/zip code, you must to know and fill this code, because is safest way to get your orders.
8. Mobile number. In first row write your country number code, in second row your number without country number code. For example, if your mobile number is +37061234567, you must fill in first row “+370” in second row “61234567”.
9. Set as default. If you check this box. Your shipping address with make orders will be your default address. If you make order for friend once, don`t mark this box, because next time you can forget it and make your order for your friend.