Electric scooter

Let`s talk about electric scooters. What`s new on market? How to get biggest value with choosing your dream electric scooter by your budget? Xiaomi M365 is still the best scooter on market?

Let`s talk about 4.7/5 stars rated by Aliexpress buyers scooters and get compares.

Number 3# – Cheapest way to get first your electric scooter with great components. Kugoo S1 Adult scooter from only 300$!

That`s my Kugoo S1. I bought from Aliexpress. Comes to Lithuania(EU) after purchase within 4 days from Poland warehouse. Comes with charger block and two different electricity socket adapters EU + UK. Comes with manuals in different languages(English included). My weight is 103 KG and this scooter fits for me. I can reach 29km/h on smooth ways and get about 15-20 kilometers per single charge by own weight!

Now is the best adult electric scooter by price and value on market!
Kugoo S1 costs from 300$. So is a really cheap for specifications.
What`s about Kugoo S1 specification?

Let`s compare Kugoo s1 and Xiaomi m365

SpecificationKugoo S1Xiaomi M365
PriceFrom 300$From 400$
Speed modes15km/h 25km/h 30km/h18km/h 25km/h
Battery capacity6 AH7.8 AH
Battery voltage36V36V
Motor power350 W250 W
Mileage up to30 kilometers30 kilometers
Max load120 KG100 KG
DisplayInstalledNeed App
Total weightAround 11 KGAround 12.5 KG

So if you wish about Xiaomi M365, try reconsider your thinking. Save money and get little more.
Start to looking best price of Kugoo S1 on Aliexpress here: Looking for Kugoo S1

Number #2 -Ruima mini 4 pro Powerful adult scooter with great range per charge. Starts from 500$

Let`s compare Ruima 4 mini pro and Xiaomi m365

SpecificationRuima 4 mini proXiaomi M365
PriceFrom 500$From 400$
Max speed45km/h25km/h
Battery capacity16 AH7.8 AH
Battery voltage48V36V
Motor power500 W250 W
Mileage up to45 kilometers30 kilometers
Max load120 KG100 KG
DisplayInstalledNeed App
Total weightAround 15 KGAround 12.5 KG

So if you really want great distance per one charge scooter with powerfully motor, choose Ruima 4 mini pro. Ruima 4 mini pro model have more modifications: 36v 21 AH, For longest distance per charge. 48V 13AH for most powerfully engine. 48V 16AH Panasonic battery pack(Recommended) for most powerfully engine and long distance battery, this Ruima model is most popular and most optimized by power and range.
If your budget fits on this price range, choose “Ruima 4 mini pro”. Buyers rate about 4.7/5 stars on Aliexpress, this is really great feedback.
Looking better price and perfect shipping way Ruima 4 mini pro on Aliexpress.

Number 1# – “No Name” or non popular brand names electric scooters with most powerfully engines and monster battery packs. Starts from 1000$

In most countries these models are banned by laws or these models required license plates, insurance, technical inspection. In lot of countries these models are declare as mopeds or motorcycles. These scooters has 2000-5000W(2-5KW) electricity engines. You can get reach 100km/h speed with electric scooter! This devil speed models have big capacity battery packs, you can reach 100 kilometers range per one charge! So these models are no cheap. Price starts from 1000$(Cheapest models), for example 2400w motor engine, 60V, 20AH battery pack. Really high performance electric scooter costs from 1500$ for insane acceleration engine and best battery packs now available in electric scooters market these days.

Try compare high performance “no name” scooter for about 1500$ budget with Xiaomi m365.

SpecificationNo name “Devil”Xiaomi M365
Price1000$(1500$ compare model)From 400$
Max speed80-100km/h25km/h
Battery capacity30 AH Samsung7.8 AH
Battery voltage60V36V
Motor powerTotal 3200W (2x 1600W)250 W
Mileage up to90-100 kilometers30 kilometers
Max load200 KG100 KG
DisplayInstalledNeed App
Total weightAround 45 KGAround 12.5 KG
Time of charge8-9 Hours5 Hours

I get little laugh with compare these models.
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