Best OBD diagnostic tool for ordinary car owner or small car repair shop

Even old cars have a lot of components. These components helps for handle your car electronic system such as handle engine job, control car body settings such as windows, seats position, control safe braking system and much more else. Today`s modern cars has over 80 electronic unit in just one car. Sometimes new or used, or very used old cars gets errors to dashboard, sometimes it big problems, big problems to solve only for professional car repair shop, but often times car dashboard show small, insignificant malfunctions errors, these small malfunctions, mostly can`t be erased by handling car menu. So how to solve these problems? Is two different ways to solve it. First way. If you think or be guarantee for big problem, you must consign your car to repair car shop for solve issue, because big problem can`t be erased by car OBD diagnostic tool without solve problem before. Second way for small electronic malfunction issues is order your own OBD diagnostic tool. Today i will explain best OBD tool`s for car owner with attractive price range. These OBD tool`s recommend for anyone car owner or small car repair shops. I will explain one most cheaper, one for free lifetime updates and one for best overall. These OBD tool`s must be read and erase your car malfunction errors, some OBD tools has more functions, such as DPF regeneration or coding or programing car units. These tool`s can be operated with your iOS or Android devices such as mobile phone or tablet`s devices with working bluetooth.

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Shipment VAT TAX for Europe countries(Only sounds scary)

From July 1st of 2021 years, European union countries was admitted new regulation of VAT for imported shipments from outside countries. This regulation valid for Europe union countries.
By new rules was removed exception of under 22€ value shipments. Free VAT TAX rule for 22€ or lover value shipments was removed. Now all Europe union countries buyers must to pay taxes*. Sounds scary? But Aliexpress market solve this problem. This problem solve is no pay VAT taxes for goods under 150€ value for everyone buyer of Aliexpress.
So Aliexpress always pays taxes for you*(Always pays and response for under 150€ value goods). You will get your shipments always with paid VAT taxes. So you can shop on Aliexpress without stress, without “What will be happen whenever i get my shipment?”. You will get always your shipments like ever before(All taxes will be paid by seller).

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