Aliexpress spam email fix

Look picture above this text. Do you have similar problem? you got lot of email`s from Aliexpress? That`s not a spam, but sometimes lot of mails from Aliexpress robot makes little tease. How can i disable mails from Aliexpress?
Today i offer two ways how to do it. First way is by Aliexpress website. Second way is by Aliexpress APP

Aliexpress mail notifications disable by website

Ok, if you have some time for do it. We can start to disable mail notifications of Aliexpress.

Let`s do it.

First step, login to you Aliexpress account. How to Login?

Find and click ok this button.

Now you are in account settings menu. Click on “Account”.

Then you click on “Account”, you must see in left side of website menu with link “Edit Settings”. Click on this link once.

Find “Email Notifications” link in “Edit Settings” menu and then click once on link.

Click on “Disable” once, for disable all email notifications of Aliexpress store website.

Now you disabled all Aliexpress mails to your e-mail box(To your e-mail box as registered on Aliexpress).

Look at image above. In orange button “Enable”, you can enable notifications, if you want, but this button is your proof of successfully disabled e-mail notifications.

Aliexpress mail notifications disable in mobile APP

I use Android phone for this tutorial, if you have iOS device, may can small differences in this tutorial.

Just open your Aliexpress APP in your mobile or tablet device. In right side of above, you must to find “Gear” button as know as settings button and then tap on it.

Now you are in “Settings menu”. Just find “Notification Settings” in menu and tap on this text.

Now you can disable e-mail notifications partial or all. Just tap on “Receive Email Notifications” for all Aliexpress e-mail notifications disable. You can allow to send e-mail notifications “Orders”, “Promotional”, “Others” or multiple option as you want. If you allow to partial notifications send to your e-mail box, “Receive Email Notification” must enabled.

What to do if i disabled mail notifications, but mails still receive?

Check your login email on Aliexpress app or website. Sometimes peoples don`t know, but they have two or more account. Why? What`s happen? Sometimes peoples register to Aliexpress by create user and use e-mail for registration. Sometimes peoples login by Google, Facebook or another method using different email on Google, Facebook or another method registration. Sometimes peoples forget our user registration by email and login with Facebook or another method, so they create two users on Aliexpress database with two different emails, so Aliexpress sends email notifications to two different email boxes. So you need login by e-mail as you receive notifications of Aliexpress and disable it, by this tutorial.