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Which is better on your mobile device? Aliexpress on mobile browser? Aliexpress pc version(Chrome available) on mobile device or APP on your mobile device like phone or tablet? Try to compare! Do you know secret tricks on APP, how to save your mobile data or make your APP faster, like new installed?

Browsing Aliexpress by mobile device

Aliexpress browsing by mobile device browser is lazy choice, because you no need to waste time for download app and no need to use mobile data for downloading mobile APP. Browsing Aliexpress by mobile device browser you can buy directly, you can change language, add, edit shipping or similar information, but you must to agree with me, this way not fastest to browse Aliexpress and not comfortable. Peoples who browse Aliexpress very rarely, can browse without app.

Aliexpress “Desktop site” version browsing on mobile device

If you no like to download APP, but you want browse aliexpress with full of features, you can browse Aliexpress on mobile device with Google Chrome browser. It is fast, security and available with PC version on all websites included Aliexpress by your mobile device.
If your mobile browser can`t show any website with PC version, try Google Chrome today. Aliexpress PC version has few pluses, like full of features Aliexpress, you must to agree with me. Aliexpress PC/Laptop version is full of features, pay by more payment methods, more information what you can edit, and you can do absolutely all, what Aliexpress offer of features. This browsing way have few minuses, like slow browsing and rapid to use mobile data, if you use expensive mobile data for browsing, you must to avoid this way for daily browsing on PC version.
Where to get Google Chrome to your mobile device(Phone/Tablet)?
Download for Android devices, from Google Play market – Download for Android devices
Download for iOS devices, from Apple store – Download for iOS devices

How to enable browsing PC version on mobile devices by using Google Chrome? Open Google Chrome, then click on 3 dots top of right, click once “Desktop site”. For disable “Desktop site” browsing, you can unmark “Desktop site” feature and browse again with mobile website browsing mode. If you can`t disable this feature, try to quit from current tab, and make new tab on Google Chrome.

Aliexpress APP is best way for browsing Aliexpress by your mobile device anytime and anywhere

Guess? What Aliexpress browsing way is most popular in the world? If you say Aliexpress APP, you are right. Why? Fastest speed, easy to use, save mobile data by browsing with mobile APP, lot of features and payment methods inside APP. Inside APP games for win coupons and another discounts. Cheapest way for buying, because sometimes APP offer cheapest prices with using mobile APP, it is secret save money trick for you.

If you like frequently browsing mobile APP and you use expensive mobile data, you can quick burn your expensive mobile data. You can use one of the trick to save your mobile data. Go to Aliexpress settings, find “App Image Quality” or/and “App Video Preferences” settings and set quality as you want, for better quality or you can choice mobile data saving mode.

What to do if your mobile APP starts to stuck or starts work to slowly? Go to settings, find and click on “Clear cache”. This way allow to browse Aliexpress APP much faster. I recommend to restart APP after clear cache.

Where to download Aliexpress APP to your mobile device?

Aliexpress APP for Android devices

Aliexpress APP for iOS devices

Aliexpress APP for Huawei mobile devices

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