Shipment VAT TAX for Europe countries(Only sounds scary)

From July 1st of 2021 years, European union countries was admitted new regulation of VAT for imported shipments from outside countries. This regulation valid for Europe union countries.
By new rules was removed exception of under 22€ value shipments. Free VAT TAX rule for 22€ or lover value shipments was removed. Now all Europe union countries buyers must to pay taxes*. Sounds scary? But Aliexpress market solve this problem. This problem solve is no pay VAT taxes for goods under 150€ value for everyone buyer of Aliexpress.
So Aliexpress always pays taxes for you*(Always pays and response for under 150€ value goods). You will get your shipments always with paid VAT taxes. So you can shop on Aliexpress without stress, without “What will be happen whenever i get my shipment?”. You will get always your shipments like ever before(All taxes will be paid by seller).

This new import regulation of EU countries valid for all online markets, shops.
Aliexpress always better, because Aliexpress paid taxes for you!
Now everyone can check how much extra VAT TAX will pay seller with purchase for our goods. This value always calculated aside price of your total price.
Near price of your shipment is text of valid about your custom taxes (Price includes VAT). So showed price is your full price of your shipment except shipping cost, if shipping is not included for your selected shipment, often goods shipping price is “Free Shippoing“.
So, if in your selected goods of Aliexpress is text “Price inludes VAT“, feel free by purchase, because after receive your good, no need to pay extra taxes, all taxes was paid for you by seller, before shipping your goods.

For goods valued at less than 150€, AliExpress will be responsible for collecting VAT from consumers in accordance with EU VAT TAX laws and paying VAT direct to the Customs Office. So if you buy from Aliexpress market and you will receive your shipments with extra cost of VAT`s, Aliexpress will accept to cover your extra costs of VAT.

For goods valued at above 150€, VAT and duties are still levied by the customs at the time of importing. For goods above 150€ value, i highly recommend to ask seller about VAT solutions before purchase for good. Seller with great stars rate always takes great solution of your goods.

Goods shipments from EU warehouse no need to pay VAT for seller or buyer.

European union countries and percentage of VAT TAX for imported goods

Affected by new VAT regulation European union countries list with VAT percentage: France(20%), Germany(19%), Italy(22%), Netherlands(21%), Belgium(21%), Luxembourg(17%), Croatia(25%), Denmark(25%), Ireland(23%), Greece(24%), Portugal(23%), Spain(21%), Austria(20%), Sweden(25%), Finland(24%), Malta(18%), Cyprus(19), Poland(23%), Hungary(27%), Czech Republic(21%), Slovenia(22%), Slovakia(20%), Estonia(20%), Latvia(21%), Lithuania(21%), Romania(21%), Bulgaria(20%).
United Kingdom is not Europe union country from January 1st of 2021.
For latest news of EU member countries VAT laws and percentage costs of imported goods website: