Android car player

Here is sample before install and after installed Car Android Player from Aliexpress. This car model is Opel Astra J.

Let`s talk about car android players. Everyone people wish about new car and rich interior equipment, like a good sound system, lot of functions like GPS navigation, big touch color screen installed in the car dashboard, Games, APPS, Internet, TV, AUX, MP3 media read function, Video playback function, back parking camera, front DVR camera recorder with ADAS safety function(recognize road lines, another driving cars and distance between your car and in front of cars and another objects. ADAS safety system recognize it, and warns about it). But not everyone can buy new car with latest expensive features and equipment. Maybe exist solution for new car with poor equipment or old car? Yes, really yes! That is Android players from Aliexpress. I say more equipment for friendly price. Aliexpress always do better price in any solution for everyone. I`m happy with it.

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