WWW version on mobile or tablet devices

Tutorial, how to use full aliexpress website version on mobile devices

Hey my friends. Anyone have problems with mobile aliexpress app on mobile phone or tablet? Mobile website version always works so fine?

I have resolve for this problem.

If you want to use full website version for mobile or tablet device.

Use this link: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/N2OVw0qy

This aliexpress address redirects to official full aliexpress website on your mobile or tablet device. Allow to use full www version of aliexpress website on mobile devices just like mobile phone or tablet`s.

Check screenshots from my LG G3 mobile phone. I use this link method.

Benefits and advantages

With mobile version you can made payment only with card. Full website version allow to made pay with WebMoney or another online payment system.

Full website version is stable and works always so perfect.

In full version, all offers, all settings, all information, on mobile version of aliexpress lost part of low priority content.

Compare Full and Mobile websites

Full website allow to use any payment method, allow to show all links, all deals, all settings, all aliexpress content. This version required great internet speed for comfortable use, i recommended use 3G, 4G, 4G+, WIFI network connection. You can use on slow internet networks just like 2G, EDGE, but browsing is not comfortable. Full website version allow to use WebMoney or similar online payment system.

Mobile version allow to speed aliexpress use. Mobile version have low size content, images, text and more, no necessary content, some deals, required settings, all is simple and fast. Recommended for low internet connection use, 2G, EDGE network.

This method work on all operating system mobile devices

You can show full aliexpress website on mobile devices with all mobile devices operating systems.

-Windows Mobile

I highly recommended to use Chrome browser on your mobile devices.
Download Chrome browser for your Android or iOS device from official sources – https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/mobile/