Who is A0, A1, A2, A3 or A4?


This is your member level of Aliexpress shopping portal. Every registered user assist with Aliexpress member club.

If you are new registered user, you have 0 points and your level is A0. If you collect 1 point, your level up to A1. If you collect 100 points, your level rises to A2. If you collect 500 points, your level rises to A3. If you collect 2000 or more points, your level rises to A4.

How to get points and rises your level? Just shopping with aliexpress. Leave feedback for sellers.

Earn 1 reward point for every 1$ USD. 1$ USD = 1 reward point, if you spend more than 10$ USD for one order, you will get 10 reward points only. Maximum reward points within one order is 10 reward points.

Every time for leave feedback to seller, you will get 1 reward point.

Shop with Aliexpress every day and get every day 5 reward points. Every new day with new order instantly takes 5 reward points.

Please note: You can earn reward points for orders over 2$ USD.

Your reward points and your member level have accumulated over last 365 days.

If you lose points with 365 days, your level might drop down.