How to track your Aliexpress goods?

Who is Tracking Number? This number can show locate of your ordered item. Often times ordered items from Aliexpress arrives through 15-60 days(China post air mail, Hongkong post air mail, Singapore post, Swiss post), if you order via luxurious courier, you will get your good within 1-7 days (DHL or another courier).

How to get your tracking number?

Login to Aliexpress, go to My Orders, click once on “View Detail”, if item status “Goods Awaiting Acceptable”, or “Finished”. If your item status “Awaiting Shipment”, you must to wait for shipping. If your item status “Frozen”, or “Canceled”, you must wait for money refund to your account, your item was canceled, you do not receive tracking number.

click on view detail

Now you can find your tracking number and get to know your Shipping method.

check your track number


1 number, here is your shipping method, in this example (China Post Registered Air Mail).

2 number is your track number.

3 number, here is link to check your tracking information.

How to check your Aliexpress track number location?

Best worldwide tracking location site is

Go to post site and find “Click here to track worldwide postal carrier shipment”, click once on this text.



Now you show new pop up tracking window.

17track tracking

1 point number, you can input your track number, or numbers(up to 40 tracking numbers), one track number in one line.

2 point number, if you wrote your track number or numbers in 1 point number, you must click once “Track”, to show your tracking information.

If your item shipped with Singapore post, you can track your item in site.


In post site, click “Track number”, Insert your tracking number (1 number mark) and now click once on “Track Item”(mark as number 2).

If your shipping method is “Swiss post”, go to post site and find “Track & Trace”.


In point marked as number one, input your tracking number, click “start”(marked as 2 number point).

Tips & Tricks

If your tracking number does not work, you must wait about 3-10 days, after shipping.

If your tracking number does not work, you can ask for seller tracking number, sometimes sellers submits tracking number with mistake.

Sometimes seller shipping cheap items(often times 0.1-2$ orders) as not registered and submit tracking number that does not exist(000000000, aaaaaaaaaa or another not real numbers).

Real tracking number begin with two letters, numbers and ends with two letters, example RN123456789CN.

If your item arrived to your country, you can call or write mail to your country post office with your track number to get know information about your item location and arrive to your home time.

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Thank for your time to read this post, i hope this text useful for your aliexpress shopping :)