If you have Aliexpress account and your cart is not empty, i think you wanna to pay for your goods and wait for your goods status “awaiting shipment”. How to made payment on Aliexpress?



The most popular payment type on Aliexpress is credit card. If you have Visa (Not Visa Electron, this Visa only for money cashouts), MasterCard, Maestro (not always acceptable, check your bank rules), American Express.

From Credit Card can be made payments from 0.01$ (or your different currency). If your bank block your payment to Aliexpress, login to your online bank and check your credit card security settings, sometimes banks use default settings with blocked online payments.


The perfect online payment system, created in Russian federation. Cheapest commission rates, very reliable. English, Russian, Spain, Portuguese, Turkish language interface. This payment system have better rates than paypal or similar online payment system. I use this system and recommended for you. If you don`t like to use or not have credit card for online payments i really recommend to use WebMoney.

Here is link to Webmoney Registration or Login. You can login to Webmoney with Facebook, VK, Google Plus, Yandex, Twitter or Yahoo account it is very simple and very comfortable. Link –

To webmoney top up, you can use lot of methods, most popular method bank transfer.

To webmoney top up you can find on google reliable webmoney exchange services or peoples.


If your cart amount 20.00usd or more you can use Western union.

Western union is not cheapest global payment product, but is better way to made global payment if you can`t use online payment or credit card methods.

Check shortest way to Western Union service by Western Union service seacrh here –


If your cart amount 20.00usd or more you can use Wire Transfer.

Check your bank international transfer prices, this method is not a cheapest and not fastest.

Please ask to comments above, your questions. We try to fix your problems with your payments.