Who is A0, A1, A2, A3 or A4?


This is your member level of Aliexpress shopping portal. Every registered user assist with Aliexpress member club.

If you are new registered user, you have 0 points and your level is A0. If you collect 1 point, your level up to A1. If you collect 100 points, your level rises to A2. If you collect 500 points, your level rises to A3. If you collect 2000 or more points, your level rises to A4.

How to get points and rises your level? Just shopping with aliexpress. Leave feedback for sellers.

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Do you bought from Aliexpress? You are satisfied with your goods? No ? You can open dispute for send to seller back your goods and refund your money. Get money refund without shipping to seller, your received goods. Get part money refund if you not satisfied with your goods, different sizes as described, poor quality or similar problems.

How to open dispute on Aliexpress ?

Go to Aliexpress, then must login.

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How to track your Aliexpress goods?

Who is Tracking Number? This number can show locate of your ordered item. Often times ordered items from Aliexpress arrives through 15-60 days(China post air mail, Hongkong post air mail, Singapore post, Swiss post), if you order via luxurious courier, you will get your good within 1-7 days (DHL or another courier). Read More