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Do you wish to buy mobile phone from aliexpress? Which mobile phone is the best for your available balance?

Aliexpress online market sell phones in two types, new and refurbished, sometimes used.

Refurbished phones

Who is refurbished mobile phone? Refurbished mobile phone is used mobile phone with upgraded cover, mobile phone box and accessories, sometimes with replaced screen or another broken parts. Refurbished phone looks like a new. I bought lg g pro f240 korea model only for 132.99$ before about 4 month, i think this model now discounted. I`m happy with this refurbished phone, refurbished quality so awesome, accessories average, earphones quality about 3 stars from five star rate, charger not orginal, but i rate 4.5 from five stars, usb cable is not original, but this cable work so fine, box looks like original.

I attached some photos of my lg g pro f240.

Photo0001 Photo0002 Photo0004


Sorry for photos quality, photos made with phone 2mp mobile camera, phone in photos used more than 3 months, new refurbished phone looks like new :)

Benefits of refurbished phone.

+ Phone is famous brand and great quality, original phones have a lot of cheap accessories or parts.

+ Phone works like a new and it seems like a new.

– Phone was used, motherboard is used, screen replaced with unknown manufacturer, accessories is worse quality than original accessories.

New Mobile Phones

New mobile phones is never used mobile phone. New phones price is higher than refurbished phones, unless if you choose unknown or little know phone brand.

I bought more than 10 mobile phones from aliexpress in own lifetime. I bought leagoo lead 1, lenovo k900, samsung galaxy s5 clone, galaxy s3 mini clone, star w800 and another similar.

How to choose mobile phone ?

You must pick the best mobile phone parameters with available money balance.

If you want cheap android phone, you must choose phone with 800×480(up to 4.5inch screen size) or better screen resolution, ram 512mb or better for normal or better work, cpu dual core 1.0ghz or better.

If you wanna normal phone with average parameters and average price, you must choose phone with 1280×720(up to 5.5 inch screen size), ram 1gb or better, dual core 1.5ghz or quad core for better work. I highly recommended to buy leagoo lead 1, i had this phone more than six month and crack this phone screen, but this phone battery is very good, screen quality looks so awesome, 5.5 inch HD screen with IPS, menu work without lag, ultra slim phone! Leagoo lead 1 price starts from 100$.

If you wanna perfect phone, you must choose full hd or 2k, 4k screen resolution with ips technology, ram from 2gb, no less than 2gb for full hd or higher quality. Quad core 2.0 ghz or better processor, battery capacity no less than 3000mAh.

My refurbished phone lg g pro f240 for 132.99$ have 5.5 inch full hd ips screen, 2gb ram, 32gb internal memory, 13mp high quality camera, i`m happy with this phone for only 132.99$. Now i wish to buy refurbished sony z1 :)

Tips and tricks

* If you wanna buy phone and not like to pay customs/post fees, you must write message to seller “Please send phone mark as gift with lower than 20$ value”, (Learn own country customs laws for ascertain price value for avoid customs fees).

* Do not leave feedback instantly after received mobile phone. Phone can be die in few hours and days, if phone perfect works 7 days or more, can be leave feedback, phone must to work a long time.

* Do not to buy cheapest phones with 128/256mb ram, these models is very slow, if you buy android phone with 128/256mb ram, you will can`t install apps/games with 8mb or higher size, apps with 8mb or more just stop instantly.

* Do not trust seller description or antutu benchmark apps shows. Install CPU-Z or lot of similar programs to determine real phone parameters. If seller lied to you, you must open dispute and get back part money of phone or send phone back to seller and get back full money refund.

Real life situation of aliexpress with buying mobile phone

I bought galaxy s5 clone from aliexpress, in description seller says phone resolution is 1920×1080(full hd), antutu apps show full hd, but another apps shows only 854×480 and real resolution is 854×480. Ram show 2gb, but real is 750mb~, if you made screenshot with original galaxy s5 phone, screenshot resolution is 1920×1080, if you made screenshot with fake galaxy s5 phone, screenshot resolution is 854×480. This phone shows 8 core processor, but real processor is only dual core. I bought this phone one year ago for 180$, i opened dispute and get back 80$! Seller accepts my dispute! I say again for you my lovely reader, do not trust seller descriptions!

dispute solution UT8_Uy0Xn4XXXcUQpbXz


Thank you for this long article reading, see you later, do not to forget this blog URL address :)