Manage Orders

You must login first, then go to Orders.


1. Orders in Awaiting Payment status is your requested Orders without your payment. You must pay for item or cancel order to close order.

2. Unread Order Messages this is your community with sellers(Only with sellers from you buy), you can consult with seller,  request seller to make offer, ask another questions, get offers from sellers. I recommended to read new messages.

3. Goods Awaiting Acceptance this is your Orders with full payment made for seller. Now you wait items from seller. After item received, you must check your item detailed and leave feedback for seller(see 17 point), if your item mismatch with description, differ colour than you ordered, differ size than description sizes or ordered, work poorly, low quality, you can open dispute and return order money or part money to you AliPay account or bank account. Sometimes the item must to return for seller.

4. Dispute Order This is link to Disputes list.

5. Search your ordered item. If you buy lot of items, it is very useful. You can search by item name or/and order id, can search by order status, input supplier name, tracking number, can select order date.

6. This is Orders pages, you can go back(newest orders) or next(older orders) page.

7. Just this is your item Order number.

8. Indicator of seller online status, if seller is now offline, indicator is grey colour, if seller online indicator colour is orange. If seller online, you can click on indicator once and chat with seller.

9. Seller online indicator, indicator colour is orange, now you can chat with seller.

10. New Messages this is link with new messages indicator to your order messages.

11. Amount this is your full paid price of ordered item.

12. Your order properties, order size, colour…

13. Contact click on this link once and contact with seller via message, after message send, you must wait response from seller.

14. View Detail click once on this link to go full order details. In full order manage, you can show tracking number and more…

15. Order Time this is time then you made order.

16. Open Dispute if you not satisfied with your order quality or your item differ than order description, you can open dispute and get back part or full your money, sometime you must return item back to seller.

17. If you really satisfied with your ordered item, your item works perfect, your item is such as ordered, your item match with order description, click once button Confirm Good Received and leave feedback for seller.

Tips: If your order is cellphone, tablet or another electronic, I recommended do not leave feedback instant after item received. I recommended use electronics 2-7days and then leave feedback. Sometimes electronics works perfect, but damage in hourly or daily. If you leave feedback, you lost possibility to open dispute!