Leave Feedback

If you get your goods and you satisfied with your item, you must leave feedback for seller.


Click “Confirm Goods Received” once.

feedback for item

1. Rate this transaction. One star is “Very Poor” for items with very bad description, very poor quality or you lost money and not received item.

Two stars “Poor” for item with bad description, bad quality.

Three stars “Neutral” for item with “no special” quality, or you charge back part of money item price with disputes system.

Four stars “Good“, if item with good quality, satisfied with your item.

Five stars “Awesome” if your item perfect quality, perfect condition, description looks like as real item. sometimes you can get cheap gifts from sellers, for gifts you can leave five stars (Awesome) feedback.

2. Insert your item description(not required), tell about your item quality, awaiting time, seller community and more…

3. Upload your photos, you can upload your item photo or photos, this step not required. I recommended upload items with bad quality or items not like as description.

4. Detailed ratings on this transaction?, “How accurate was the product description”, rate item description was writed from seller before your made order, rate from one to five stars, one star if item description not like as real item, two stars if item a bit like as description, three stars if you think item description is not full and have bit a lies, four stars if description good, but missing more information, five stars is best rate, for perfect descriptions, if description 100% looks like as real item.

How satisfied were you with the seller’s communication?, if you had contact with seller, you must rate seller communication, just rate from one to five stars seller, friendship, sincerity, granted help, if seller a bit lies, do not leave five stars rate.

How quickly did the seller ship the item?, after pay for item, seller have to ship your goods, how much time delayed for seller time to shipping(Order status change from “Awaiting Shipment” to “Goods Awaiting Acceptable“)? If seller¬†ship your goods quickly(24-72 hours), i think seller worth five stars, if seller late to ship goods, you must rate seller by our patience.

5. Mark “Leave Feedback as Anonymous“, if you do not want to show your name. Will be seen only stars and your text. Your name will be replaced for “Anonymous“. This function very purpose for adult items :)

6. Check your steps and click once “Leave Feedback“, after click you can`t to change feedback.

7. You can cancel leave feedback and back to orders menu.

thank you for leave feedback

1. Your feedback was leaved successfully!

2. You can leave more feedbacks.

3. Go to required to leave feedback list.

4. View your feedback. Every buyer have buyer feedback score.