Frozen Order


If you bought on Aliexpress and you show order status as “Frozen Order”, don`t scary, it is not a end of the world, you will get money refund automatically within 24h-10days(differently payment way).

Why my order status “Frozen”?

Aliexpress marketplace have big quantity of sellers. Sellers is ordinary peoples, on aliexpress market can be meet different types of character sellers. Can be meet good sellers, can be meet with scammers, but don`t worry, aliexpress have 100% protection safe of your money. All scammers of aliexpress will get banned and deleted, all money of paid for scammers are frozen. Aliexpress sellers get money only if aliexpress buyer(it is you) confirm order received, if not, money are frozen on aliexpress money safe system.

What do i have to to do?

Just nothing, you must wait for your money refund to your paid account for frozen order item.

What will be?

You: Get money refund, will not get your ordered items.

Seller: Deleted from Aliexpress system for all lifetime, don`t get buyers money. No Aliexpress account, no money.


If seller asks to confirm received your item, but your item is not received, please ignore seller chat. You can risks your money safety and lost opportunity to open dispute.

If your item is not received, but timer is soon ending, you can use function “Extend time protection”.

If you order time is ended you can`t do anything, your money is give away for seller hands. I recommended always watch your order time. Don`t miss your order time. Miss order time, miss your money.