Do you bought from Aliexpress? You are satisfied with your goods? No ? You can open dispute for send to seller back your goods and refund your money. Get money refund without shipping to seller, your received goods. Get part money refund if you not satisfied with your goods, different sizes as described, poor quality or similar problems.

How to open dispute on Aliexpress ?

Go to Aliexpress, then must login.

Go to My Orders, find your item in orders list.



1. Link to open dispute.

2. Your item status.

3. Confirm Goods Received link, after Goods Confirmation you lost to able open dispute and get back your money.

Attention! Do not to skip your order time!



You must to observe you order time for possibly to make order actions. If your time is ended, your order status changed to “Confirmation Timeout”.

confirmation timeout


Order with status “Confirmation Timeout”, can`t open disputes! You lost able to open dispute and get back money or part money, you can`t shipping back to seller, your received goods.

If your order time in still ending, you must to take your order action. “Request to extend Purchase Protection” and input time days of extend your order time, seller must approve your extend action. If seller no approve your action about few days, you must open dispute for avoid problems with goods.

If you ready to open dispute, click “Open Dispute” and answer questions about your item.

dispute 1

1. Choose your opinion “Did you receive your package”. If you get item and not satisfied with your goods, choose “Yes”. If your tracking code can`t track your item and you did not receive your goods, choose “No”.

2. Choose full refund if you not received item. Choose partial refund amount requested if your goods right, but not as described, something is missing or similarly problems.

dispute no


If you choose “No” your refund amount is full as payed.

You must select dispute problem.

Choose number one if seller can`t approve your extended days.

Choose 2 if you get your goods, you not satisfied with your goods, you send back to seller your received goods.

Choose 3 if no tracking information about your goods. All aliexpress orders must have tracking number, sometimes for cheap orders, seller send item with not registered post and without tracking number.

Choose 4 if your item holds by customs.

Choose 5 if seller sends your goods to wrong address.

If you choose “Yes” on “Did you receive your package”.

You must choose your goods problems. If your product is as not described, you must choose from “Product not as described”. If you have quality problems with your goods, you must choose “Quality problems”. If you package have missing parts, you must one choose of “Quantity shortage”. If your goods is counterfeit, you must choose “Received counterfeit goods”. If seller shipping your goods with another post way as not described you must choose “Shipping method was not as described”.


choose yes dispute


Choose full refund or partial refund amount. Choose opinion “Do you want to shipp the goods back”, but you may have to pay shipping to back post fees for package. Write your text about your received item.



amount and text


Make photos and edit for uploading, maximum file size per one image max up to 2mb.

Allowing images format jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png.




Please check your dispute form, correct your mistakes and finally click on “Submit”. Wait for uploading images, you must show new window with instructions. Your dispute was successfully submit. Now you must waiting for seller answer in your opened dispute. Seller and buyer have dispute time limits, do not skip your time, if seller not response dispute, dispute right as your choose. If you can`t agree with seller. You can invite aliexpress administration for checking your dispute. Just follow your dispute every day and use able chooses.

If you see “Seller accept issue”, congratulations your dispute was approved, wait few days for charge back your money.

If you see “Seller response time has ended”, congratulations your dispute was made as your requested, wait few days for charge back money.

Sometimes seller do not accept your dispute, you must answer and/or change your dispute, if seller can`t accept your dispute again, invite aliexpress arbitrage.