Every Aliexpress buyer can save money by use coupons with every* purchase.

All Aliexpress coupons catalog available here – Aliexpress Coupons Catalog

If you browse another product, try to find “Store Promotion” selection.


Click on “Get a US $xx.xx(custom value) coupon”. This text writed inside red squared border of offer. Now you have coupon and you get instant discount with purchasing products. Don`t forget to use coupon with purchase from this store!


If you see “Store Promotion:” with orange border, you can get discount offer per big orders, if you want to buy more than one item on this seller store, you can choose to shop different items, but you must use one seller store!

Check example image above. If you buy items within 26 usd or more (You must to choose one seller products), you will pay 25 usd or more, just you will pay with instant one dollar discount. If your cart items amount 99 usd or more (one store seller products), you get 4 usd instant discount. If your cart amount of this seller products is 159 usd or more you get 7 usd discount instant, if your amount 160usd, you will pay only 153usd. It is very simply and quick for save your money.

If you find any product, try to search product with store promotion selection inside product description, sometimes products with coupons are cheaper than products without coupons.

Advice to use coupons!

Sometimes use coupon is not a better way to get cheaper product. Sometimes items without coupons is cheaper than expensive products with little coupon discount.

Check coupons expire time, if you want to purchase your cart on next weekend or next month, you can lost coupon, your coupon can be get expired status.

Coupons are two types, Aliexpress coupons and Sellers coupons. Aliexpress coupons can be use for discount of mixed sellers products cart. Sellers coupons can be use for one seller store items.

How to show your all coupons?

First you must login to Aliexpress, then you must to go My Coupons


Here you can check all your coupons, coupons valid now, coupons not valid yet, coupons successfully used, coupons not used and expired, seller coupons, valid seller coupons, inactive seller coupons.