Did not received order

What to do, if my order is still not received? I have big Aliexpress order history and this problem was solved more than one, maybe ten or more times. Often times i help to buyers solve this problem. Is not a hard problem, but you must to know some tips, how to not a lose your money, while your order in shipping status. Read more and be safe by shopping on Aliexpress today and tomorrow.

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Shipping address

How to fill correctly your shipping address in Aliexpress and avoid shipping problems with your orders?

How to add, edit or remove your shipping address from list?

Go to Aliexpress shipping address menu directly. Or Sign in on Aliexpress, then go to “Account”, then “My Shipping Addresses”. If you use mobile app, open app, click “Account icon” in bottom right on screen, then find “Settings”, choose “Shipping Address”. Now you can add right your shipping address, edit, remove or make one of default your home address.

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Change language and currency

How to change language and currency on Aliexpress?

Sometimes Aliexpress buyers browse online or looking in Google for Aliexpress goods, sometimes visited Aliexpress goods page in another language changes your browser language automatically to another as default. So what to do, if you want reset language to English or another language?
Maybe you are from Europe and you wanna show prices in Euros or you are from Russia and you wanna show currency in Rubles?
How to avoid currency exchange taxes from your online payment system?

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B57 is the best Smart watch on Aliexpress

Smart watches – new fashion. Peoples can show time or date in own smart phones, but peoples want to purchase for new smart watches. Why? I think peoples like new toys and new fashion. Brand smart watches is still expensive on market. What to do? Maybe Aliexpress can help to get cheap and pretty good smart watch for your budget? Really yes. You can buy smart watch with color screen and lot of most needed apps for only 7$! But if you need smart watch with richer options like heart monitor, you must to find in your pocket at least 15$ or more.

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