Who is 11-11 on Aliexpress? Every year, November of 11th going the world biggest global shopping festival.

One day to save money, thousands of brands, millions products, only on November of 11th.

Every Aliexpress user can from October of 28th to November of 3th, play GAMELAND games and win coupons, play once every day, you can play one game per day.

From November of 4th to November of 7th, preview all better deals.

From November of 8th to November of 10th, buy aliexpress coupons with 50% discount.

On November of 11th use all your coupons to biggest early shopping, save money, be happy with your goods.

Who is GAMELAND? Play funny games, win free coupons, collect coupons, coupons can be use only on November of 11th.

How to find GAMELAND on Aliexpress? Here direct link to Gameland – Aliexpress GAMELAND


This is capture of 2016 Aliexpress Gameland. Every year, Aliexpress developers create a new gameland with different games, if you want to play the most amazing games online find out more now here. New games, new fun, new offers, new coupons, all is very quick and sweet :)

In 2016 GAMELAND you see lot of houses with brand names on houses roof, click on house, Find text “Follow our store and get free coins!”, click on text. Now you collecting coins, collect coins, exchange to coupons or play “Flip n Win” game for coins.


Click on “Follow our store and get 10 free coins!”


Congratulations you received 10 coins, go to different house and get more coins :)

Lot of coins = greatest coupons for November of 11th global sale festival shopping.

Flip n Win


If you are inside of house, you must find “Flip n Win” button, click on this button and play free card game to win free coupons.


The first card of FlipnWin game is free, if you want second card on this store, you must pay 10 coins or choose another store.

Flip n Win rules

Game play is from 28 October to 10 November.

Game can be play up to 3 times per one day.

If you exit from game without finish, you lost free first time or 10 coins second or third game coins.

How to check my total coins? My Rewards Page

Good luck to play games, collect coins, exchange coins to perfect for you coupons, save money, be happy, happy with your goods, happy with any saves :)